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Design Ideas for Kitchens Featuring Transom Windows

Over an Opening

Kitchens often have openings to family rooms, nooks, butler’s pantries and other adjacent areas. These transitions from one room to the other are often focal points of the entire home and can feature columns, half walls and other specialty trim features. Why not add a transom to enhance the look.

OVER OPENING: Classic TR-1 transoms adorn a transition from living area to kitchen


We can even build transoms form longer openings — as much as 8 feet or more.

OVER OPENING: Extra wide transoms are one option for dealing with a large opening


Another option for wider openings is to use ganged transoms — transoms placed end-to-end in a pattern that spans the entire opening.

OVER OPENING: Ganged transoms span larger openings while adding additional style



Above Doors

Doors from the kitchen to a pantry, mudroom or bathroom can be dressed-up by the addition of a transom window above the door.

ABOVE DOOR: A pocket door with an operating transom above makes this pantry door stand out



Above Doors (Exterior)

Thoughtful placement of transoms above exterior doors in kitchens can define a kitchen’s relationship with outdoor areas like porches and sunrooms. In the example below, a transom over an exterior double door is flanked by sidelites with transoms above. We can make all parts of this picture except for the double door unit.

ABOVE DOORS: Elegant transoms and sidelites adorn this double door to a porch



Above Windows

Whether over one set of windows, or as a part of a whole window wall, transoms can really define the look of a kitchen. Compared to the cost of cabinets, transoms are cost effective ways to add style and finesse — all while bringing additional light into the room.

OVER WINDOW: Transoms and bistro cabinets in harmony make this a memorable kitchen




Overhead in Wall

Overhead transoms in the kitchen can be perched atop cabinets to connect the kitchen to an adjacent room. This look is hard to pull-off without very tall ceilings but affords a very unique look if successful.

OVERHEAD IN WALL: Interior transoms above cabinets can share light with a darker adjacent room


Overhead in Wall (Exterior)

Planning is the key here. If you have a high ceiling and are willing to plan ahead (like setting the exterior wall header into the ceiling joist), exterior transoms above cabinets in a kitchen can deliver a knockout look.

OVERHEAD IN WALL: Planning ahead made these transoms with associated ceiling beams possible


OVERHEAD IN WALL: Bright light floods a kitchen through transoms above cabinets