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Design Ideas for Laundry and Mud Rooms Featuring Transom Windows

Over an Opening

The pathway from a kitchen or other living area to the mudroom is a perfect place for a transom window. Not only will the transom share light between the two rooms, the transom visually connects the two rooms together.

The opening shown below could easy also be a door or pocket door with a transom above instead of an opening.

ABOVE OPENING: Stained transom connects living area to mudroom


Here a set of ganged transoms have been added to an opening between a living area and a dining room. This example also features a taller, thicker mull between the transom unit and the opening below.

ABOVE OPENING: Ganged transoms with taller mull detail in a living room

Along Exterior Wall

Another keen placement for a transom in a mudroom or laundry is overhead in an exterior wall. Overhead transoms leave the wall space below open for built-ins, laundry equipment or other furniture or cabinets.

Since mudrooms often have built-ins or areas for hanging jackets and such, overhead transoms can be a great solution to bring more light into the room without taking valuable call space for a full window.

OVERHEAD IN WALL: Overhead transoms save valuable wall space for these cubbies below



Above Doors (Exterior)

Of course mudrooms have a door to outside the home. When this opening leads directly to the outside — like to a porch or stoop — a transom above a door can not only be decorative but also serve to let additional light into the confined space.

ABOVE DOOR: Transom above door brings additional light from porch into mudroom


Over a Window (Exterior)

Sometimes you can fit a whole window into a mudroom or laundry design — for instance over a sink. Notice how the transom over the window takes the design to the next level.

OVER WINDOW: Transom above window adds style to a laundry room


OVER WINDOW: Transoms over corner windows in this mudroom complete the look