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Interior Transom Window Above an Opening

Standard Installation

Cased openings are passageways that do not have a door. They get their name from the casing (or trim material) customarily placed around the opening to set it off from the surrounding wall. A transom above a cased opening adds style and interest to an otherwise plain passageway.

In the picture below, notice the plain cased opening in the background and compare it with the cased opening that includes a transom in the foreground.

STANDARD: Cased opening with transom matching pattern TR-1


Variation - Taller Mull

A taller mull is an increased thickness of the area that separates the opening from the transom above. This modification to the standard installation is purely aesthetic, and can add some additional styling to an opening -- especially when combined with other trim elements in the room.

TALLER MULL: Cased opening with 1x4 casing and taller mull

Similar to a cased opening, a transition is usually larger and is meant to join two rooms together such as a kitchen and a breakfast area.

TALLER MULL: Standard installation used at a transition with taller mull


Variation - Wider Openings

Wider openings offer additional opportunities for creativity. Our first example, below, shows an extra wide single transom over the entire opening. We can make single transoms very wide, but often you will need to call us for such orders. Very large transoms require special shipping quotes beyond the capability of our automated ordering system.

WIDE OPENING: Single TR-1 transom with standard installation


Variation - Ganged Transoms

Another option for a wide opening is ganged transoms (as shown below) where two or more transoms are put beside one another above one opening. This look can be achieved with a number of different installation techniques.

GANGED: Three TR-1 transoms ganged in a single opening