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Interior Transom Window In Wall Between Rooms

Standard Installation

Transoms or interior windows between rooms can add interest to a wall and share light between the two rooms.

We can make interior windows in most any size. So, call us if you need something large or different.

STANDARD: Interior window between bedroom and bathroom

The picture below shows three individual windows placed in separate openings that connect a sun room with a living room. These windows use transom pattern AC-4, rotated 90 degrees and made slightly larger in both dimensions.

STANDARD: Interior windows bring light into a living room.


Customization - Operating Transom

For a different look and additional functionality consider operating transoms. These can be hinged on the side or bottom or even pivot in the middle. They can be configured with a latch or not. If you are considering an operating transom that will be oriented vertically or is not a standard size, call us and we can quote a solution for your exact configuration.

OPERATING: Window sashes, hinged at the sides, separate two rooms