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Transom Windows Along Exterior Walls

Standard Installation - Single

Sometimes you just want to bring some additional light or add a little more personality to a room without giving up a whole wall for furniture or pictures. Transoms can be the solution!

Transoms placed high in the wall let the most light into the the room and can sit neatly above cabinets, built-ins, furniture and pictures.

The following pictures show a single, often longer, transom along exterior walls. This configuration works well in bathrooms along vanities, in laundry rooms and in mudrooms.

STANDARD: Exterior transom over bathroom vanity


Standard Installation - Multiple Individual

Another look for exterior transoms is single transoms placed into individual openings and arranged in a pattern. If you have a larger wall area or are looking for a unique look, multiple individual transoms may be a good choice.

STANDARD: Exterior transoms arranged over bathroom vanity


Standard Installation - Ganged Transoms

Ganged transoms are probably the most popular arrangement choice for exterior transoms along walls. Twin and triple units are very common. Varying the size of one of the triple units can also create a unique look.

STANDARD: Exterior transoms above kitchen cabinets