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Interior Transom Window Replacements

Replacement and Retrofit Installations

If you have a transom where the wood has deteriorated or a sash that has broken glass, we can show you how to replace it. First, we will show you how to remove the stop that holds the transom sash inside the jamb. Then you can remove the old sash, measure the interior of the existing jamb, and order a replacement.

Broken glass? Note that transoms sashes are assembled with the glass being fit into slots on all sides as they are assembled. As such, broken glass cannot be replaced once the sash is assembled. The whole sash must be replaced.

Sash for existing jamb? Occasionally we will have a customer that has already built and installed a jamb (for example, above a door) and wish to order a sash to fit in the jamb. The process for ordering this sash is identical to the sizing and ordering a sash for a replacement situation.

STANDARD: Sashes can be specifically made to retrofit existing jambs