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Interior Transom Window Over French Doors

Standard Installation

Double doors are often used for room transitions so adjoining rooms can occasionally be closed off from one another. A transom over a double door better visually connects the two rooms and shares light between the two.

Pro-Tip: The pattern or design of the muntins for the transom usually does not align with the muntin bars or stiles of the doors below. This is normal -- there is no need to align them.

STANDARD: Stained doors and transom separating two rooms


Variation - Taller Mull

A taller mull is an increased thickness of the area that separates the doors from the transom above. This modification to the standard installation is purely aesthetic, and can add some additional styling to an opening -- especially when combined with other trim elements in the room.

TALLER MULL: Beautiful strained transoms and doors with a taller mull


Variation - Double Pocket Doors

The picture below is perhaps a perfect example of a well executed transom over the top of a set of pocket doors. As you will learn in the planning section, because of the hardware required to hang a pocket door, transoms above pocket doors appear to have a taller mull in all circumstances.

POCKET DOOR: Fine implementation transom and pocket door in office