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Interior Transom Window Sidelites and Combinations

Standard Installation - Combination with Double Doors

The pictures below show a common combination unit where sidelites flank each side of a set of double doors. A single transom sits above each sidelite. A full width transom fits above the width of the double door unit. In this scenario we can build every aspect of the unit except the double doors. Customers can choose double door unit on their own, coordinate the specifications with us, and we will fabricate the remaining units.

STANDARD: Sidelites flanking double doors with transoms

Standard Installation - Combination with Cased Opening

The example below shows a cased opening with a transom above. On each flanking side of the opening there is a sidelite with a matching transom above. In this case we can make all parts of the opening and send them to you ready to install.

STANDARD: Sidelites flanking a cased opening with transoms above