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Design Ideas for Living Areas Featuring Transom Windows

Over an Opening

Living areas often have transition openings to hallways, foyers and kitchens where transoms can play a role in stylizing the opening. In the picture below notice how the transoms draw attention to the openings and going the living area to the adjacent kitchen and foyer.

ABOVE OPENING: Family room with TR-1 pattern transoms above two openings


Here a set of ganged transoms have been added to an opening between a living area and a dining room. This example also features a taller, thicker mull between the transom unit and the opening below.

ABOVE OPENING: Ganged transoms with taller mull detail in a living room



Along Exterior Wall

In living areas transoms can be integrated into a built-in design to add some “wow-factor” to the built-in wall. The example below, in a music room, is a good example.

ALONG EXTERIOR WALL: Transoms integrated into built-in design


As an alternative, transoms can be placed high the wall to allow picture or furniture placement that would otherwise not be possible with a regular window.

ALONG EXTERIOR WALL: Transoms high in wall open wall space below


Above Doors

Although less common than openings, smaller or more private living areas can use doors (especially double doors) as an entry feature. Below a stained transom sits above a set of double doors. The taller mull between the door and the transom creates coordinates the door and transom unit with the timber boundary opening.

ABOVE DOORS: Stained transom helps complete the rustic look of this door opening



Above Doors (Exterior)

Living areas often connect directly to outdoor living areas through doors that can be accented by transoms. Careful selection of the door and transom arrangement can create a unique look.

ABOVE DOORS: Coordinated design of doors and transoms create a unique look



Above Windows

Transoms above exterior windows can draw attention to the windows and thus connect the interior room with the adjoining exterior.

ABOVE WINDOWS: Coordinated transoms above exterior windows for a window wall


Window Between Rooms

For a unique look, turn a transom with a stylized design into a window between a living room and an adjacent room.

WINDOW BETWEEN ROOMS: Rotated transoms become windows between rooms


WINDOW BETWEEN ROOMS: Beautiful window separates living area from staircase


WINDOW BETWEEN ROOMS: Opposite side view of transom between stair and living area