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Exterior Transoms Over Windows

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Standard Installation - Over single window

We don’t sell ordinary exterior windows. This are available locally from a variety of sources. We also want our customers to know that most exterior window companies can make transom windows to go over their windows. Customers should check out that option and price it out. Frankly, we are often less expensive.

The best reason for choosing Transoms Direct for transoms over your exterior windows is that we can make transoms the exactly match and are coordinated with the interior transoms in your home. Plus we have many, many more designs than most exterior window manufacturers.

STANDARD: Transom pattern CT-3 over an exterior window


STANDARD: Custom transom design over exterior windows


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Notice how the interior transom to the sunroom in this picture is coordinated with the transom over the window and the transoms over the cabinets and sink.

STANDARD: Coordinated transom patterns across a kitchen


On a custom basis we can also make unique designs that actually function as windows. Basically, if we can ship it, we will build it for you.

STANDARD: Custom window with unique pattern along stair


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Standard Installation - Over Multiple Windows

For another great look, place one transom across multiple windows. Below, notice how the transom window is tweaked to match the muntin design of the bistro cabinets.

STANDARD: Single transom over two windows above kitchen sink


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