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Design Ideas for Porches and Sun Rooms Featuring Transom Windows

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Transom Window Over an Opening in Porches and Sun Rooms

Add a super-unique look to your outdoor porch with transoms placed overhead across porch openings.

ABOVE OPENING: Ganged transoms above a porch opening add style


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Transom Windows Overhead in a Porch or Sunroom

In conjunction with transoms over openings, transoms placed standalone in gables can enhance the look of a high ceiling.

OVERHEAD IN WALL: Standalone transom makes this vaulted ceiling more prominent


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Transoms Above Exterior Windows in a Porch or Sunroom

Of course, sunrooms are all about the windows. Clear windows below with a transom above allow you to bring a sense of style to the sunroom without obstructing the view.

ABOVE WINDOWS: Signature sunroom — clear windows for the view, transoms for the style


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Transoms Windows Over Exterior Doors in Porches and Sunrooms

Sunrooms often have double for single doors leading outside. In the example below, unique operating transoms are placed above the two windows and the door.

ABOVE DOOR: A uniform look between, doors transoms and windows


Double doors can have a single transom spanning both doors or ganged transoms as shown here.

ABOVE DOUBLE DOOR: Ganged transoms matching adjoining windows


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