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Design Ideas For Bedrooms Featuring Transom Windows

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Transom Window Over a Door in a Bedroom

Doors to from bedrooms to bathrooms, hallways, closets and retreats are good candidates for transom windows. If privacy is a concern, we offer many customized glass designs that obscure the view.

OVER A DOOR: Pain, clear transom (Pattern TR-4) adds interest to an opening


OVER A DOOR: Historically, operable transoms were placed above doors to bedrooms for ventilation


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Transom Window Over an Opening in a Bedroom

Sometimes the opening to the retreat or study will have an opening with no door. Transoms can play a role in stylizing these openings.

OVER AN OPENING: Transoms above openings flanking a fireplace in a bedroom


Transom Window Overhead in Wall in a Bedroom

One of the most unique applications of an interior transom is overhead in a wall between rooms. In bedrooms these can commonly be placed between bedroom and bathroom or bedroom and hall (both shown below).

OVERHEAD IN WALL: Transoms placed overhead between bedroom and bathroom


OVERHEAD IN WALL: Unique application of overhead transom to hall from bedroom


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Transom Window Overhead Along Exterior Wall in a Bedroom

Another option is to place transoms along an exterior wall, especially along the wall with bed. This configuration provides another wall of outside light without interfering with furniture placement.

EXTERIOR WALL: Transoms above bed on exterior wall brings in extra light


EXTERIOR WALL: Unique rustic look with three transoms over a bed


EXTERIOR WALL: Three traditional ganged transoms (pattern TR-1) along exterior wall


Transom Window in Wall Between Bedroom and Another Room

Transoms placed in a wall between the bedroom and a bathroom or retreat can connect the spaces together and share light from the larger bedroom to those smaller adjacent rooms.

WALL BETWEEN ROOMS: Window from bedroom to bathroom with obscured glass


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