What Our Custom Transom Windows Do for Designers

Interior Transom Designer

  • Offer a wide range of shapes and patterns which can be used to connect or enhance design motifs
  • Can be used to create a harmonious transition between spaces or function as an appealing stand alone design detail
  • Establish mood, or highlight certain colors with the inclusion of stained glass
  • Create captivating, light transforming effects by including beveled glass
  • Can be configured creatively and mirror glazed to reflect light and deepen interior space
  • Can be used as a wall hanging, or trimmed to look like a decorative window and installed with backlighting (works best with stained glass)
  • Can be manufactured in proprietary patterns for the exclusive use of your firm

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Kind Words From Our Customers

"We love the transom. You do great work. We especially appreciate your conscientiousness towards us. We noticed that you took interest in making sure your work met our needs -- a unique trait. Thanks again. We will recommend you if we run into someone needing your services." --R.H., Tyrone, GA