Current Uses of Transoms

Custom interior transomToday, modern tooling and production techniques make beautiful transom windows accessible and affordable for any home.  In addition to their functional uses, transoms are being used increasingly for their distinctive decorative potential.  A popular current trend is to install them above openings between rooms.  Helping to define and separate spaces, transom windows have a pronounced ability to personalize individual rooms while still maintaining a sense of openness.

Much as in their traditional role, transom windows are still useful when placed over interior doors.  Here, these attractive pieces function to heighten openings, bringing large walls or tall ceilings back into balance.  Notably impressive when located over french doors, they expand interior space and allow light to flow deeper into a home’s interior.  Other possibilities include choosing shapes or theme patterns to enhance decorating motifs, or using mirrors in place of clear glass to reflect light and deepen interior space.  Including beveled, textured, or stained glass in welcoming patterns, they can be used to connect rooms, or create intimate, comfortable alcoves.

Possible applications are limited only by your imagination.  You might consider using our designs as decorative wall hangings, or as interior windows when you need to connect rooms.  Try combining transom windows with fancy trim work to create really impressive architectural elements, or use stained glass and theme patterns to enhance decorating motifs.  Looking for ideas on how to make the most of our unique creations, just visit our design gallery for even more inspiration.


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