Application: Barns & Garages

Carriage Houses and Garages

Transoms are a mainstay in carriage houses and garages built in the 19th and 20th centuries. Styles differ, but long transoms over garage doors and smaller transoms in select locations are common.

Traditional Model TR-1 pattern transoms over a set of barn doors in this carriage house
Traditional Garage And Shed by Philadelphia Architects & Designers Studio Agoos Lovera

Think how much personality these small, square transoms add to this garage
Traditional Garage And Shed by Savannah Interior Designers & Decorators Linn Gresham Haute Decor

Before glass was built into garage door panels, transoms were placed atop garage doors
Traditional Exterior by Boston Architects & Designers Helios Design Group

Hints: Freestanding transoms should be ordered with sills on the bottom -- especially if the transoms are placed on a side of the building that receives weather.

Is your garage or barn unheated space? Often garage and barn transoms can be made of single pane glass to save money. Call us so we can discuss your exact situation.

Working Barns

We know you're out there -- we have built dozens of transoms for barns just like the ones below!

Hints: Remember, barns are also usually unheated and can use single pane glass to save money. Call us so we can discuss your exact situation.

Barn Restorations and Conversions

Whether its a party barn or living quarters, transoms add light and personality!

Hints: We can make transoms with or without insulated glass for transoms in these structures. We can also build them 24" or taller.

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"I just wanted to leave a message at how happy we are with our transom windows. We ordered 4 last year to create a room divider between our living and dining room. The dimensions were perfect, and the windows were very good quality. They arrived right on time, and in perfect condition (the wrapping was excellent). Thank you for an excellent product." -- J.D., Laurel Hill, FL