Application: Rooms Along Exterior

Over Windows

Transoms over windows can set the mood for an entire room or provide a subtle accent that supports an overall theme.

Custom transoms over windows matching front door
Traditional Exterior by Naperville Architects & Designers JB Architecture Group, Inc.

Hints: If you are trying to figure the size for a transom sash above a single window, the transom sash should be the same width as the window's sash (the part that usually moves up and down). So a 2'-8" wide window sash equals a 2'-8" transom sash.

For your convenience, we picture all of our transom sashes in sizes matching standard window sash sizes.

Window Wall

Window walls can be one of the the most dramatic designs in all of architecture. They set the mood for the entire surrounding space and create a connection between the indoors and outdoors that is unparalleled.

Transoms are also a unique way that you can tie interior and exterior design elements together.

Window wall in kitchen coordinated with interior transoms
Traditional Kitchen by Hilton Head Island Architects & Designers Group 3

Hints: Building codes have become stricter regarding window walls in recent years. If you plan on taking window walls around corners, consult a professional engineer early in the project design to avoid any pitfalls.

Integrated Designs

Nothing is more spectacular than a room and its transoms that have been designed together to bring out the best in both.

Custom segmented arch transoms integrated into kitchen designs
Traditional Kitchen

Window wall in kitchen - transoms coordinated with cabinet design
Traditional Kitchen by Minneapolis Architects & Designers TEA2 Architects

Hints: Obviously, planning is key here. Designs like these are where great design professionals really shine!


Some strategically placed transoms in a bedroom can really set off the furniture and create a sense of uniqueness that is hard to achieve any other way.

Larger size Traditional Model TR-1 transoms over bed with horizontal muntin bar
Traditional Bedroom by Grand Rapids Architects & Designers Sears Architects

Hints: While top two pictures above represent a fairly typical Traditional design (Model TR-1), consider transom designs that connect better with the style and lines of the surrounding furniture. You may be surprised how well they can compliment each other. The bottom picture shows this well.


Since bathrooms have a lot going on (and light is at a premium), transoms are a natural pairing that can be employed in a number of different ways.

A pair of larger Traditional Model TR-1 transoms bringing abundant light to a bathroom
Beach Style Powder Room by Boston Architects & Designers ZeroEnergy Design

These stained wood transoms over the tub bring balance to the walls
Traditional Bathroom by Highland Park Interior Designers & Decorators Laurel Feldman Interiors, IIDA

Hints: Some typical locations for transoms in bathrooms: over showers, over tubs, above wash areas and in water closets.

Check your local building codes, but transoms in bathrooms typically do not need to be tempered if the they are 66" or more above the tub or shower drain.

Stand Alone

Sometimes you just want to bring some additional light or add a little more personality to a room without giving up a whole wall for furniture or pictures. Transoms can be the solution!

Stand alone, ganged transoms along exterior wall, set just below the wall header
Craftsman Family Room by Seattle Home Stagers Seattle Staged to Sell LLC

Hints: For some reason, groups of three transoms looks best stand-alone in a wall.

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