Introduction to Transom Options

The Basics

Model AC-2 Transom Sash Transoms Direct's basic product is a window sash -- that is, the wood frame carrier and clear glass.

Sashes come in a variety of styles and shapes. To find a transom solution that works for you, choose a sash that you like that also fits the available opening.

For planning purposes you should always pick a sash size that is 2" narrower and 2" shorter than the hole you have. For more information, see our FAQ. This gives enough room to mount the sash in a jamb so it can be attached to the wall (see Ready-to-Install).

Our menu system (on the left side of the page) allows you to find sashes by size, shape or style. Ultimately, you will find a style and size that comes close to matching the opening you have. You can adjust the size further with the options below.

Transom Options

The Order Page with the Blue Option Box Once you have settled on a sash pattern that you like, you will probably end up on a page that looks similar to the one at the right. This is what we refer to as the sash Order Page.

The Order Page is unique for each specific combination of sash pattern and size -- so not all options may be available for each pattern/size combination.

If you are interested in ordering just the sash as shown in the drawing on the Order Page AND you plan on building your own jamb, you can probably just click Add to Cart and proceed to checkout.

However, the blue Transom Options Box on the Order Page does allow the following customizations to the standard configuration:

Model AC-2 Transom Sash with Optional Jamb

  • Changing from paint grade to stain grade wood - available for both the sash and jamb.
  • Switching from clear to specialty glass.
  • Adding a jamb.
  • Adding a jamb AND making the transom operable so it can open and close.
  • Changing the height or width of the transom sash in 1/2" increments.
  • Modifying the profile of the wood edges.
Each of these options can be individually explored through menu items at the left under "Transom Options".


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