Specialty Wood Profile (Sticking) Options

Model CT-4 Showing Wood Profile A wood profile (also called a sticking profile) is the shape of the turn in the wood as it undergoes the 90 degree turn from the face of the transom (parallel to the glass) to the intersection with the glass (perpendicular to the glass). For window makers, the profile (or shape) for this turn is called the sticking profile.

Available Options:

  • Traditional Beaded Profile (Standard)
  • Ogee Profile
  • Beveled Profile
Wood Profile Options Traditional Beaded Profile. You may have never paid attention to the sticking profile on a window. Whether you realize it or not, you have seen the Beaded Profile on hundreds of windows over the years. It is nearly always standard, and thus is also standard on all of our windows.

Ogee Profile. As an option, we also offer the Ogee Profile which is almost identical to the Beaded Profile. The Ogee Profile has a rounded transition from the side to the face of the window instead of a squared one. Our advice: unless you know you are matching the ogee profile to something else in your project -- order the beaded profile.

Beveled Profile. Finally, we offer the Beveled Profile. This one is different entirely and is used most commonly in Arts & Crafts style windows. Instead of a "bead," the transition is a single, simple 45 degree angle that clips the 90 degree turn. You will also occasionally see this profile on Mission and Bungalow style windows as well.


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