Our Manufacturing Process
Transom Layout Diagrams from CAD

It all starts with a sketch of an interesting detail we might see in a magazine, piece of furniture, window,  or in one case, an old fence.  From here, we will begin the process of incorporating the new shape into a design that may ultimately make an attractive transom pattern.  If the sketches look promising, scale drawings are prepared to help to establish correct proportions and to determine construction feasibility.  Once a design has been approved, we begin fabricating full-sized samples to work out the technical issues associated with each shape or pattern.

Every transom is made to order by highly skilled craftsman.  All of our frame and interior components are hand crafted from solid hardwood.  Utilizing traditional woodworking machinery along with custom designed tooling, fabrication of our products can range from fairly simple to incredibly intricate.  Some of our more complex patterns can be very difficult to manufacture, and may require up to 60 specialized machining operations.   After machining and dry-fitting all parts to verify correct alignment, individual glass panes are hand-cut to fit each section.  All of these parts are then carefully assembled into a complete unit using high quality glues and fasteners.

Transom Before Assembly

After assembly, transoms are finish sanded, inspected, and triple packaged to prevent shipping damage.  To ensure complete satisfaction we offer all of our designs in a range of hardwood species and alternative sticking profiles.  Keep in mind that many of our standard shapes can be altered or combined to create new exciting new patterns.  We welcome requests for custom patterns, non-standard sizes, and special glazing options.


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Kind Words From Our Customers

"The transom just arrived. It looks great and fits my rough out perfectly. Many thanks." --K.W. Akron, OH