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We started in 1997 as a small company outside of Raleigh, North Carolina, specializing in the design and installation of custom interior millwork.  Since then, our craftsmen fabricated and installed hundreds of transom windows in a wide range of commercial, and residential construction projects.  While these time-honored features had always been popular within traditional southern architecture, we found that the typical rectangular transoms we had been using were often unsuitable for other building styles.

Whenever a new architectural style was introduced into the area, our clients would push us to find distinctive and stylish alternatives to the usual interior trim detailing.  Because they are well suited to large interior spaces and higher ceilings, we began to reconsider the traditional transom window as a new design opportunity.  We started in our shop by experimenting with a few basic interior shapes.  Our first versions were not much more than variations on the standard rectangle, but we found that each new pattern we crafted had its own unique character and potential application.  This progression of designs eventually lead to the idea of producing a comprehensive line of transom windows, but first, we needed to see if people would actually buy them!

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We began by offering a custom transom option to a few of our regular customers.  The results were immediately clear.  Once people had the option of choosing from a range of more relevant styles, there was no going back to the old designs.  As a matter of fact, our customers even began looking for new ways to incorporate these innovative designs into their projects.

We decided to create Transoms Direct so that we could offer these attractive transom windows to everyone.  Architects, designers, contractors, and homeowners will find that our designs have been carefully fashioned to highlight almost any architectural form or decorating influence.  Both prominent and highly versatile, our transom windows are easily integrated into a wide range applications, and present a unique opportunity to re-define interior perspective.

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To provide the most innovative, attractive, and comprehensive selection of interior transom windows available anywhere.


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"I was so happy to find your company on the web. I do custom residential projects in Maine and the options you provide and the quick shipping is incredible." --D.P. Bremen, ME